Progress tracking

You can enable tracking of students progress in the course. After enabling this option, each of the resources and each of the activities can check whether the student has passed them or has become familiar with them.

You may decide which of the resources or activities will include a check on each student’s completion of tasks, and whether completion is determined by the students themselves or, whether the activity is set to automatically check whether certain completion conditions have been met (such as Quiz could be set to check if a student has exceeded the minimum passing score for the task, and if that score is passing or above, the system automatically shows that activity as completed).

Enabling the global „Track completion” option throughout the entire course.

You can enable completion tracking in the main settings of the course.  Go to the gear icon on the main course page and select Edit settings from the pulldown menu.  This will take you to a new page where you can scroll down the list to find completion tracking.  Click on the triangle to expand that section and in ‘enable completion tracking’ click on Yes.

Setting „completion tracking” for individual activities.

Each of the components in a course can be set to check for completion, or to give the student the opportunity to individually mark the activity as complete.

You can set the completion conditions as follows:

Enable Turn editing on (if it is not already enabled).

Select the resource or activity you wish to track, enter the ‘edit’ menu, and then select Edit settings.

In the settings page, in the last section entitled Activity completion, select how you want to track completion. Three options are available:

Do not indicate activity completion. This is the default option. Completion of the activity is not checked online.

Students can manually mark the activity as completed. This option makes it easier for students to self-organise their work with the material. By independently determining which parts of the material they have finished, they can work more efficiently and quickly.

Show activity as completed when conditions are met. This option allows you to enable automatic classification of activities as completed on the basis of specified criteria. The students cannot mark activities as completed by themselves. One of the standard criteria is to check whether a student has ever entered the subpage with the description of the activity. Additional criteria depend on the nature of the activity. They will be different in the case of ‘Lesson’ (such as ‘Student must reach the end of lesson page to complete this activity’) and different in the case of ‘Quiz’ (such as ‘Student must receive a grade to complete this activity’), etc.

„Activity completion” from the point of view of students

On the main page of the course, next to activities and resources, students can see square boxes that indicate whether the activity has been completed. Depending on whether you have allowed them to select completion, the completion field will have a different appearance (a solid frame means they can select it, whereas a dashed-lined frame indicates that to complete a given activity they must meet the conditions which you have set.

Reports for the teacher on the completion of activity by students

You have an overview of student progress determined by activity completion. To obtain such data, you should enter the Actions menu (under the gear icon) from the main page of the course, click the last item on the list (More), and then in the Reports section go to the Activity completion page (this page is only available if ‘completion tracking’ is enabled in the course settings).

On the ‘activity completion’ report page, you receive a full overview of which students have completed which of the course’s activities. Furthermore, you can also uncheck an activity which has already been marked as completed, so as to force the student to try it again. In this case, in both the report view and on the main page of the course, from both your view and from the student’s point of view, a red border will appear around the ‘activity completion’ box.