Course illustration

Pegaz assigns illustrations to courses that visually help users quickly find the course on the dashboard.

By default, these are abstract geometric graphics, but you can replace the main course illustration with any graphic or photo.

Changing course illustrations.

To replace the default geometric illustration with any graphic or photo that accurately reflects the subject of the course, from the main Pegaz page for the individual course, go to the settings (the dropdown menu under the gear icon) and then click Edit Settings. Appropriate graphics should be placed in the Course summary files section.

The illustration can be in one of three popular graphic formats: .gif, .jpg or .png. The illustration in .gif format can be animated. The maximum illustration size should not exceed 600×600 px (a square) although the display size may be different.  Different devices may show different portions of the illustration.  The most common display size on laptops and desktop computers is the middle third of that illustration (600×200 px) in landscape orientation.