Introduction to the course

The first section of the course is used to provide an introduction to the course and additional resources and activities that are to be available to participants at all times.

You may add the most important overview information about the course here.

Changing the default General section name

The default pre-section name is General (although this is not displayed on the course page by default). However, you can change this name.

To do this, at the top of the course page click on the gear icon to access the course settings and then click turn editing on. In the edit pulldown menu which is next to the General section (which is unlabelled by default) and select edit section which will take you to an editable page.  You must tick the custom box in order to change the section name.  If you change the name, the new name will become visible to visitors to the course page.

In the edit section page, you may also add a description or other text introduction to the course, and this information will be visible at the top of the course in the General section.

In the editing window, you may include text, illustrations, links, etc.

Adding resources and activities to a section

You can add resources and activities to each section of the course, including the General section. Each section has its own button for adding resources and for adding activities. To familiarise yourself with specific resources and activities, go to the relevant chapters that deal with them in detail.

Restricting students access to section content

As with all sections, access to the General section can be restricted. This means that if a set of conditions are not met, the student will only see the title of the section and its description. All resources and activities assigned to this section will be hidden from them.

The conditions that must be met could include, for example, a specific period of time during which the contents of the section will be visible, or the student completing a specific activity, or achieving a minimum grade. These conditions can also be combined, such as granting the student access on the condition that a specified activity is completed within a specified period.