Making a backup

You have the option of making a copy of your own courses. The platform allows you to quickly save the entire content of uploaded materials into a single file, which is by default placed in the platform’s archive, but which can also be downloaded to your own computer.

The reasons for wanting to make a backup include:

    • if you might want to transfer or duplicate resources into another course or to another platform,
    • for security and archiving purposes to ensure that they are not lost in any way

Backups can be done at any time, and it is a quick process.

You can make any number of copies you want. It’s a good idea to occasionally make backup copies during the process of creating content.

When saving multiple times, each copy is placed in a shared list in the archive, and each is given a filename which contains the exact date and time of creation, so that you can easily figure out which of the files is the most current, and which version you would like to return to.


To make a backup copy of your course, select the Backup option from the actions pulldown menu (under the gear icon).

Then, tick the boxes indicating which components of the course you wish to back up. At the bottom of the page, you will be offered the option to simply jump to the final step or to go through each step one at a time.  If you choose to go through each step one at a time you will be able to be more precise about which particular resources you wish to include.  If you jump straight to the final step, then all resources will be included and the backup will start automatically.

Backing up may take some time, depending on the amount of data contained in the course. After creating this file, the system should inform you that The backup file has been successfully created. Then click Continue and you will be redirected back to the created backup area. You have access to the full list of all backups created for this course (if you have just made a copy for the first time, there will only be one item on the list). From here, you can download a moodle file containing a copy of the course (in .mbz format) by clicking on the download link, and save it on your computer’s local drive. You will be able to restore all resources later, including adding them to other courses, or in later years.

Restoring backup content

To restore the content from any previously created backup, select the Restore option from the course actions menu (under the gear icon).

After moving to the area called Restore course it is possible to restore resources from a file that you have on your own computer, as well as to restore resources from the list of previously-made backups that are archived online in the Pegaz system.

In the first case, when you have a backup file saved on your own drive, just drag and drop it into the Import a backup file window. Once it has finished loading (which may take a minute or two), click Restore.

The first step will ask you to confirm that these are the resources which should be restored.  In the destination step, if you wish to restore into this course (that is, the one where you started the restore process) you will be asked to select either merging the backup file together with the current online course material on Pegaz, or deleting the current online material and completely replacing it with the material from the backup file.  Alternatively, you may choose the lower window and restore into another selected course.  In the next steps, you will be able to further select which specific resources you wish to restore (and any that you do not).

IMPORTANT: After selecting all appropriate options, remember to click Continue in the Restore this course area to fully complete the process.