Name and description of particular sections

By default, newly-created sections are entitled „Topic 1”, „Topic 2” etc. Because such names are not informative, we recommend changing those to titles which better reflect the content of the section.

The section titles also appear in the user’s site navigation, so putting informative labels on them will help the participants to quickly find the content they are looking for.

Change a section title

To edit a section title, all you need to do is enable editing, and then click on the pencil symbol next to the section title and enter the new name. Then press the enter key.

The title of the selected section will change not only in the section header, but also in all navigation elements across the platform (such as the table of contents in the left-hand navigation block, or the navigation bar at the top of the page).

Add a section summary

Click on the Edit menu for the section, and select Edit topic from the menu. Enter the summary (an introduction or description) into the editor field.  You may add an illustration, if you wish, by pasting it directly into the editor field, or by uploading a file using the buttons provided.

Change a section summary

With the course editing mode on, click Edit and then Edit topic and enter the new text.