The ability to post files that can be downloaded by course participants is one of the most popular Pegaz features.

Note: If you need to share a large number of files with students all at once, you may use the Folder tool.

How to upload a resource file into your course

On the main page of the course, you must first enable the course editing mode (by clicking the gear and the Turn editing on option).

The Add a resource option appears at the end of each section of the course. After you click it, a menu will appear in which you can choose from a range of resource types that you can add to the course. Please note that the visible portion of the list may be incomplete, and you might need to scroll down to reach an item from the bottom of the list. Choose the File resource.

In the next stage, you set the parameters so that the file will be shared the way you want it shared. At minimum, you must complete the Name field and upload the file that you want to include.

You can also add a description that will explain what is in the file, or provide instructions for students on how you expect them to use the file. If you want this information to be visible on the course page, then you should select the Display description on course page option.

In the Appearance section, you can decide what will happen when a student clicks on the file. For example, you can force a file to be downloaded to a student’s disk, or cause it to open in a pop-up window.