User profile

In the User Profile, you may change the information about yourself that will be displayed to other users.

How to get to the Profile and its settings:

After logging into the website, click on your name on the right-hand side of the top navigation bar. Select Profile from the dropdown menu.

In your profile, your First Name, Last Name and email cannot be changed by the user (these are imported directly from the USOS system)

After clicking on the edit profile link on your profile page (or by selecting edit profile from the dropdown menu under the gear icon)  you can:

  • select whether you want your email address visible to others, or not
  • upload your profile picture
  • change your city/country and time zone
  • introduce yourself in the description, add links to your personal websites, etc.

Other user preferences can also be set in your profile settings available by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your profile page.  These include:

  • Preferred language allows you to set Pegaz interface elements to be in English by default. This will affect the interface language every time you log in thereafter. It is also possible to temporarily change the language in the top navigation bar of the platform, but changes made in the navigation bar will not be saved as a user preference.
  • Forum preferences allow you to determine how you want to receive information about forum entries.
  • Editor preferences allow you to switch the editor with which you enter or change course content.
  • Course preferences allow you to specify how new resources are added the course.
  • Calendar preferences allow you to specify the calendar format, which day of the week should be displayed first, and how many upcoming events should be displayed.
  • Message preferences allow you to specify when you will be notified of new messages sent by other Pegaz users.
  • Notification preferences allow you to specify which system events (such as student completion of activities) generate notifications from the system.