Question: Drag and drop into text

A type of question that allows you to insert in the text any number of spaces to be filled in with the words that appear under the text.

Question text

You should fill in the body text of your question here.  It should be in the format of a sentence or short paragraph with spaces left for the students’ answers.  Mark where you want the text drop zones to be using numbered placeholders, for example they might be number in order [[1]], [[2]], [[3]] or out of order [[3]], [[1]], [[2]].


Selecting this option will cause the answers (which are displayed to students below the body text) to be shown in random order. If you numbered the blanks in order ([[1]], [[2]], [[3]]…) then it is recommended that you use this option, otherwise the answers will be presented already in the correct order.


In the answer list, define words or short phrases that will appear as answers to choose and drag to the appropriate place in the text. Define them according to the numbering of the spaces in the text.

You can put more than one answer together in a ‘group’ linked with a specific answer field in the text. In the question, the answer fields as well as the answers themselves will be marked with specific colours denoting the group.  This is done by assigning a group number in the boxes to the right of the answer. (By default, all are set to ‘1’ and will perform without groups in that case.)

You can also indicate which of the answers appear repeatedly in the text (tick the box ‘unlimited’). In this case, the answer can be used several times. This increases the difficulty of the quiz.