Question: Drag and drop onto image

This type of question allows you to define visible areas in an illustration where students must drag and drop the correct answers in the form of images or words from a list.

NOTE: If you do not want to suggest in which areas of the illustration the potential answer areas may be found, you may use a similar question type Drag and drop markers which does not use visible target areas.

We recommend that you build the design of this kind of question carefully, using the Save changes and continue editing and Preview controls.

Question text

This is the text explanation that you give to the students on how to complete the question correctly.

Background image

This is where you upload your background image.  You may use one of two methods for uploading.  You can click ‘choose a file’ to browse your local drive for the file. Or you can drag-and-drop the icon of your file from your desktop into the input window.  The image will display at a maximum of 600 X 400 pixels.  It may be in a variety of formats, including GIF, JPEG, PNG, and SVG.

Draggable Items

This is where you define the answers which the students must drag and drop into the background image.  The answers may be text or images.  You can set this under ‘type’ by selecting either ‘draggable image’ or ‘draggable text’.

If you tick the box ‘Shuffle drag items each time question is attempted’ then the draggable items will be displayed in a new random order each time a student attempts the question.

Drop zones

Set which draggable item properly belongs to which drop zone. Scroll back up the page and click ‘refresh preview’.  You will see the starting state of the question.  Drag and drop the correct answers onto their correct positions on the background image.  When you scroll back down to the ‘drop zones’ section, the coordinates will automatically appear.