Question: Essay

The answer to this type of question may contain longer text. It requires manual assessment by a teacher. You have the option to design a template which may be filled in by the students. It is also possible to provide students with the option of sending file attachments containing their answer.

Response options

You define the format in which the student’s answer should be given. You decide which text editor will be made available to the respondent. It can be the HTML editor that allows the student to enter text directly into a window on the platform, format it, add illustrations, etc.  Alternatively, you can choose to only allow plain text, or disallow online text so that the student must send the essay in a file.

The „Require text” option may be used to force the student to enter something into the input box (‘Require the student to enter text’), or leave the decision up to the student (‘Text input is optional’).

You may specify how many lines long the input box will be for student answers and whether students can attach files to the text reply and how many such files are required, if any.

You may allow students to submit a file.  And you may also use ‘Require attachments’ to force the student to submit a file.  If you have allowed submission of a file, then you may use ‘Accepted file types’ to restrict the types of files which can be submitted.

Response Template

You have the option to suggest how the students should respond by creating a template to fill out. Everything entered in the template will later be displayed in the response window as a template to be filled in.

Grader information

You have the opportunity to write informational notes, instructions, or rubrics for any other teachers who will be tasked with assessing students. This hint will appear when the evaluator switches to the essay assessment window.