Question: Matching

A single ‘Matching’ type question consists of instructions followed by a column of several items on the left (also called ‘questions’) which must be matched to items listed in a pull-down menu net to each question on the right (called ‘answers’). One of the ‘answers’ must be matched to each ‘question’.


Selecting this option will cause the questions (the elements in the left-hand column) to be shown in random order each time the question is asked.  (The answers in the pull-down menu will be randomised each time the question is asked, regardless of whether ‘shuffle’ has been selected or not.)


You should enter each question (listed as Question 1, Question 2, Question 3, etc) followed by its correct answer.  The system will present all possible answers to students in a randomised order.  There must be at least two questions and at least three answers. The ‘question’ section may contain embedded elements such as illustrations, multimedia files, tables, etc. The ‘answer’ box can only contain text.